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Yulong pipe industry, founded in 2001, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production, R&D sales and installation of new polyethylene pipes. The company has a product R& D center, Hunan Yulong Tube Technology Co, Ltd, Guangdong Yulong Tube Co, Ltd and other two manufacturing plants. At present, the company has more than 300 employees, including 45 senior and intermediate technicians, 86 with college degree or above, with an annual production capacity of more than 50000 tons.

The company has a number of intelligent CNC production lines, mainly producing municipal pipes in four fields: 1. High density polyethylene(HDPE) water supply pipe series products, including PE water supply pipe and pipe fittings. Second, HDPE drainage and sewage pipe series products, including double wall corrugated pipe. trenchless sewage traction pipe, hollow wall winding pipe, inner rib reinforced PE spiral corrugated pipe, steel belt reinforced PE spiral corrugated pipe, steel pipe reinforced PE spiral corrugated pipe, steel pipe reinforced PE spiral corrugated pipe, steel pipe reinforced PE spiral corrugated pipe, steel pipe reinforced PE spiral corrugated pipe, steel pipe reinforced PE spiral corrugated pipe Three, high density polyethylene(HDPE)/MPP power, cable, communication protective sleeve series products, including PE power, cable, communication protective sleeve, MPP power, cable, communication protective sleeve: four, all kinds of HDPE mining pipes.


The company vigorously promotes new product development and technological innovation, and pays attention to product quality. The products have passed the testing product safety mark center, Hunan and Guangdong provincial health departments; passed the IS09001: 2008, iso9001: 2015 quality management system certification.'9 and certification of the traffic engineering testing center of the Ministry of communications, the national chemical building materials testing center, the national mining

The company also obtained AAA certificates of credit rating, quality credit rating and brand credit rating issued by Hunan enterprise credit evaluation center. Fucheng Huaxing"trademark won the title of famous trademark in Hunan Province in 2016.

The company adheres to the corporate culture concept of" quality such as Yu, integrity Changlong, and relies on the effective quality management system to provide customers with reliable product quality and high-quality technical services. In the new era of economic development, we are committed to the goal of"establishing first class enterprises, producing first-class products, creating first-class environment and cultivating first-class talents".We will develop together with our counterparts at home and abroad and related industries to create brilliance!

  • 2001

    The company was founded

  • 169


    Registered capital

  • 100


    Total floor area

  • 300

    Existing staff

  • 1000



Company Culture

Core idea Yulong plastic pipe creates wonderful life

Marketing theme Yulong's love for a century

Vision To be an enterprise with core technology

Strategy Scientific and technological innovation and quality service

Spirit Unity, pragmatism, innovation and excellence

Quality concept Product quality is the life of enterprise

Value Love factory, dedication, honesty and friendliness

Style Do what you say, do what you do

Safety concept Safety is more important than responsibility

Work of philosophy Do things effectively do things effectively

Code of conduct Love Yulong, be loyal to Yulong, develop Yulong, share Yulong

Marketing concept Honest and trustworthy, mutual benefit and win-win

Team spirit Unite and cooperate to create wonderful



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