What are the methods used to connect PPR pipes?



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What are the methods used to connect PPR pipes? I'll introduce them to you right away. Please have a look.
PPR pipe is mainly connected by hot melt connection method. If the operation of hot melt connection is improper, it is to use a better pipe, and the installation quality of the pipeline may not reach the standard. In order to ensure the quality of the connection, first of all, the manufacturer must be equipped with hot melt tools, and the heating temperature and time of the hot welding machine must be carried out in accordance with the regulations. PPR pipes are connected by hot melt, so that the pipes and pipe fittings are connected at one time. Therefore, when the concealed water supply branch pipe is installed inside the wall, the design requirements and the actual situation of the construction site should be combined, and the blanking should be accurate. If the pipeline is buried underground, there cannot be too many interfaces buried below.
Before welding the pipeline, the surface of the pipeline and the joint should be cleaned to remove the oil stain, other substances and some burrs. In addition, the pipe should not be inserted into the pipe fitting for too long. The flange of the connected place should be uniform. If it does not meet the requirements and some have gaps, it must be that the welding is not up to standard. Water leakage may occur in the future, and it should be reconnected immediately at this time.