Discussion on Application of Electronic Valve in Air-separation Field in PP Pipe Production Plant



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Jiangsu Xinhai Pipe Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of PP Pipe Production Factory The application of electronic valve in the field of air separation
Solenoid valve is widely used in our production. We must have met many problems related to solenoid valve and dealt with many faults in the maintenance of production. We must have accumulated a lot of experience in dealing with the faults of solenoid valve. However, compared with other I & C faults, we deal with the faults of solenoid valve in maintenance. Now we will discuss this problem with you, I hope to learn more experience from everyone and improve together.
We first have a preliminary understanding of the solenoid valve, the solenoid valve by the electromagnetic coil and magnetic core, is also contains one or more holes in the body. When the coil is energized or de-energized, the operation of the magnetic core will cause the fluid to pass through the valve body or be cut off to achieve the purpose of changing the direction of the fluid. Electromagnetic components are composed of a fixed iron core, a moving iron core, a coil, etc.; the valve body is composed of a slide valve core, a slide valve sleeve, and a spring base. The electromagnetic coil is directly mounted on the valve body, which is enclosed in a sealed tube, forming a simple and compact combination. We are commonly used in the production of solenoid valve has two three, two four-way, two five-way and so on.
The above is the description of the application of electronic valves in the field of air separation by Jiangsu Xinhai Pipe Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd.