What requirements should be met when purchasing pe water supply pipes?



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In our lives and production,pe water supply pipeIt is a kind of commonly used pipe, and we have great requirements for the quality of the pipe when we use it. Next, let's look at what requirements need to be met to buy this pipe.

1, check whether the product has a factory certificate and factory inspection report.

2. Check the appearance. Check whether the inner and outer surfaces of the pipeline are clean and smooth, and whether there are grooves, paint, dents, impurities, and uneven colors.

3. Length check. The length of the pipe should be uniform, and the error should not exceed plus or minus 20mm. -- Check whether the nozzle end face is perpendicular to the pipeline axis and whether there are air holes. All tubes of different lengths will not be accepted until the cause is ascertained.

4. The gas PE pipe shall be black. When black, the nozzle must have a striking color bar. At the same time, the pipe shall have a continuous permanent mark with a spacing of not more than 2m, indicating the purpose, raw material grade, standard size ratio, specification size, standard code and number, manufacturer's name or trademark, and production date.

5, out-of-roundness test: take the arithmetic average of the experimental results of three samples as the out-of-roundness of the tube. If the value is greater than 5%, it is not accepted.

6. Inspection of pipe diameter and wall thickness. The inspection of pipe diameter is carried out with a round ruler to measure the diameter of both ends of the pipe. Any place that is not qualified is considered to be unqualified. The double-thickness inspection is carried out with a micrometer to measure the upper and lower four points of the circumference. Unqualified places cannot be used.

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