Connection method of pe water supply pipe



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  pe water supply pipeConnection method

Polyethylene pipes and pipes, pipes and pe water supply pipes, pipes and fittings, polyethylene pipes and metal pipes. There are many connection methods, and different connection methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. Users can choose the appropriate connection method according to the pipe diameter, working pressure, place of use and other environments. The common connection modes of polyethylene pipes for urban water supply are: hot melt connection, electric fusion connection, socket flexible connection, flange connection, steel plastic transition joint connection, etc.

1. Hot melt connection

Hot melt connection is to use a special heating tool to heat the polyethylene pipe or pipe to be connected under pressure to melt it, remove the heating tool, press the two to melt the noodles together and keep it at a stable pressure for a period of time until the joint cools. The hot-melt connection includes a hot-melt butt connection, a hot-melt socket connection and a hot-melt saddle connection.

2. Electrofusion connection

The electrofusion connection is a special electrofusion tube. The embedded resistance wire is in close contact with the connecting part of the pe water supply pipe material or pipe fittings. The pe water supply pipe is heated by the embedded resistance wire and the connected part is melted and connected into a whole until the joint is cooled. Electrofusion connections can be used to connect different types of polyethylene pipes or socket fittings of different melt flow rates. Electric fusion connection is divided into electric fusion socket connection and electric fusion saddle connection.

3. Socket flexible connection

Polyethylene pipe socket flexible connection is a new type of connection developed with reference to the principle of cast iron pipe and polyvinyl chloride pipe (PVC-U) socket flexible connection. PE water supply pipe is a reinforced polyethylene socket welded at one end of the polyethylene pipe. Socket type soft connection is to insert one end of polyethylene pipe directly into the special socket of pipe or pipe fitting, the locking ring in the socket is compressed and anti-pulling, and the rubber sealing ring is compressed and sealed to connect PE water supply pipe material and pipe. of the target.

4. Flange connection

Flange connection is mainly used to connect polyethylene pipes and metal pipes or valves, flow meters, pressure gauges and other auxiliary equipment. The flange connection is mainly composed of polyethylene flange connection, steel or aluminum back pressure looper flange, steel or aluminum flange sheet, gasket or sealing ring, bolt, nut, etc. The flange connection is made by tightening the bolts and nuts to make the flange connection and the flange piece in close contact.