Pe water supply pipe outer wall damage how to do?



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  pe water supply pipeUsed in many fields, due to environmental factors, pe water supply may have some problems in the production process, so how to solve it?

1. Tap water

The surface roughness may be caused by the high or low temperature of the main head of the PE water supply pipe. For example, when the core mold temperature is low, the body temperature is too low, making the surface rough; the coolant temperature is too high, and the surface is rough.

This situation can reduce the temperature of the cooling water, check whether there is enough water and water pressure to block it; and check the heating coil and other material characteristics.

2. there are groove marks on the surface of pe water supply pipe

Check and adjust the water curtain calibration sleeve, pressure balance, adjust the nozzle angle to make the cooling tube uniform, check the calibration sleeve, chips and other burr materials.

3. When the pipe wall is broken or the hole length is less than 0.1m, the broken pipe wall or hole can be cleaned with a scraper, and different parts within 0.05m can be cleaned with cyclohexanone.

4. apply plastic adhesive with good water resistance at the damaged position of pe water supply pipe, then take out the arc plate with equal damaged area twice from the corresponding part of the same pipe, and buckle it on the damaged part. The inner wall is fixed with iron wire.

More attention should be paid to the above problems in the production process. Of course, if this phenomenon occurs during the production process, you need to solve it according to the corresponding method, and then restore the product to normal.

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