Technical requirements for pe water supply pipe



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  pe water supply pipeIt has the advantages of stable and reliable, impact resistance, crack resistance and corrosion resistance. Compared with traditional pipes, PE water supply pipes are easier to construct. So how much do you know about the technical requirements of PE water supply pipe? Today we will look at the water supply requirements of pe water supply pipe.

PE water supply pipe adopts electric melting connection, the joint strength is higher than the pipe body strength, the low temperature embrittlement temperature of polyethylene is extremely low, and it can be used safely in the temperature range of -60-60 ℃. During winter construction, due to the good impact resistance of the material, the pipe will not burst. PE has low notch sensitivity, high shear strength and excellent scratch resistance, and its ability to resist environmental stress cracking is also very prominent.

PE water supply pipe surface is very smooth, smooth performance and non-adhesion characteristics to ensure that the PE pipe than the traditional pipe has a higher transport capacity, but also reduce the pressure loss of the pipeline and water delivery. PE pipe is lighter than concrete pipe, galvanized pipe and steel pipe, easy to handle and install, and has lower requirements for manpower and equipment, which means that the installation cost of the project is greatly reduced. There are many kinds of construction technology for PE pipeline. In addition to the traditional excavation method, we can also use a variety of new trenchless technology such as pipe jacking, directional drilling, lining pipe, split pipe and so on. For some places that are not allowed to excavate, this is a good choice. Therefore, PE pipe has been recognized by everyone and has a wide range of applications.

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