The occurrence of these situations in pe water supply pipe indicates that it is time to replace it!



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  pe water supply pipeIt is an ordinary pipe used as a water supply pipe. It is an environmentally friendly and durable cold water supply pipe. It is hygienic and self-cleaning, and has a certain antibacterial and self-cleaning effect. Drinking water flows freely in the pipeline without scaling, preventing secondary pollution of drinking water.

However, most users may not know how often PE water supply pipes need to be replaced. What phenomena indicate that the pe water pipe needs to be replaced? If the following phenomena occur, the pe water pipe needs to be replaced; the pe pipe is exposed to the sun for a long time, wind and rain, thermal expansion and contraction.

For PE pipes that have not been maintained for sunscreen performance, the performance of all aspects has dropped sharply, and the service life has been greatly reduced. The aging is mainly manifested as micro cracks, roughness, oily texture, discoloration, etc. If you continue to use this type of PE pipe (PE water supply pipe) may cause water leakage and should be replaced in time.

The welding seam of pe pipe is leaking and leaking, which indicates that the quality of pe pipe is poor, the welding is not firm, or the welding process is checked. If the pe pipe often leaks in several sections and needs to be repaired several times a year, it is mostly a quality problem. In this case, it means You should replace it with a new pe water supply pipe.

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