Pe water supply pipe whitening is what's going on?



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  pe water supply pipeIt is a very common pipe in family decoration. When decorating the house, the water supply pipe and drain pipe are undoubtedly very important to us. However, the pe water supply pipe will appear a certain degree of whitening after exposure or bending and stretching. What is the problem? The staff of pe water supply pipe briefly introduces here:

1. Water immersion whitening. When exposed to water or steam for a long time, many types of transparent PVC products show a white misty appearance, and soft products are more ferocious than hard products. In this case, even if the penetrating water disappears, the stabilizer cannot restore its original shape, and as long as the temperature is increased, the compatibility of the stabilizer can be restored to transparency.

2. exposure to albinism. PVC products exposed to the outdoors will also show whitening effect. Organic tin stabilizer is not easy to whiten, sulfur-containing organic tin is the best, followed by lauric acid ester and maleic acid ester, adding light stabilizer, phosphite, liquid composite stabilizer, etc., can avoid or reduce the whitening phenomenon of PVC to a certain extent.

3. Stress whitening. Stress whitening means that some parts of PVC products (such as bending creases and stretching parts) will turn white under the action of mechanical external force (such as bending and stretching), which may be due to the external force, the orientation of polymer molecular chains, the change of PVC density and the existence of some intermolecular vacancies. This constitutes light scattering, making the polyvinyl chloride product appear white.

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