PE water supply pipe outer wall damage causes and repair methods



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at present,pe water supply pipeBecause of its own characteristics, it will not rust, so it has been applied and recognized in many fields, but in the production process, due to the impact of the environment, some defects may appear on the surface of the product. Of course, the appearance of rough surfaces or groove marks is more common, and the causes of these defects are different, so the method of recovery is naturally different. What is the cause of the defect and how to repair it?

1. tap water surface roughness

It may be caused by the high or low temperature of the main engine head. For example, when the core mold temperature is low, the body temperature is too low, which will easily make the inner surface rough; too high coolant temperature will cause the surface to be rough. In this case, you can Reduce the temperature of the cooling water, check whether there is water and water pressure blockage, and check the heating coil and other material characteristics.

2. Water Supply Pipeline Surface Groove Problem

Check and adjust the water curtain calibration sleeve, balance the pressure, adjust the nozzle angle to make the cooling pipe uniform, check the calibration sleeve, chips and other materials for burrs.

Third, if the defect problem of pe water supply pipe continues to develop, it will obviously affect its normal work, use, teaching effect and network service life. Therefore, we still need enterprises to repair themselves. If other parts of the outer wall of the water supply pipe are damaged, the damaged pipe wall or holes with a length of less than 0.1m can be completely removed with a scraper, and the holes around different parts within 0.05m can be cleaned with cyclohexanone. water supply pipe is coated with plastic glue with good water resistance on the damaged part, then the arc-shaped plate with twice the damaged area as the corresponding part of the same pipe is taken out, the fastener is glued to the damaged part of the inner wall, and fixed with lead wire. If there are ribs on the outer wall, the ribs within 0.05 meters around the damaged part are removed, the ribs without traces are scraped off, and then remedied by the same method to restore the water supply pipe, which can play an important role in the water supply system.

In short, it is not difficult to see from the above that the damage to the outer wall of the moving water supply pipe is mainly caused by improper operation. Therefore, in order to reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon, we must pay more attention to the above problems in production. Of course, if this phenomenon occurs in the production process, we need to solve it according to the corresponding methods, and then let the product return to normal.