Pe water supply pipe how to eliminate noise?



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With the development of science and technology in our country,pe water supply pipeIt is almost a foregone conclusion that the traditional cast iron drainage pipe will be replaced by the common cast iron drainage pipe, but the drainage noise of the common pe water supply pipe is higher than that of the traditional cast iron pipe. If the drainage riser is close to the bedroom and the cast-in-place floor has poor sound insulation effect, residents can obviously feel the noise of the pe water supply pipe, which will affect people's normal rest. In view of this problem, the pipeline manufacturers have also made changes.

There is a new type of ultra-quiet pe water supply pipe on the market, which is added with special sound-absorbing materials. The noise is lower than that of cast iron drainage pipes. The noise level of various pipes (110mm) is compared: U pipe 58db iron pipe 46.5 decibels; Super quiet pe water supply pipe 45db. After testing, the noise of Upe water supply pipe is 2 to 3 decibels higher than that of the bottom cast iron pe water supply pipe, which does not exceed the national living noise standard.

The above is the introduction of pe water supply pipe noise elimination, I hope to help everyone! The faster the development of PE pipe, if you want to use it better, you need to know more about PE pipe.

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