Do you know the reason why pe water supply pipe burst?



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1. Own quality reasons:pe water supply pipeIt is generally black, made of PE raw materials and carbon black masterbatch, covering the color of PE raw materials, which is difficult to distinguish from the color. In order to reduce costs, many manufacturers often add a large amount of recycled materials, resulting in the decline of the quality of the pipe itself, the flexibility of the pipe is reduced, and there is the possibility of bursting.

2. The design pressure of the pipeline is inconsistent with the actual working pressure: the wall thickness of the pipeline can withstand a pressure of 10kg. If the actual water pressure is much greater than 10kg, it will cause the pipeline to explode.

3. The uneven settlement of the road surface leads to excessive pipeline load, which is also one of the reasons for pipeline burst.

4. Butt welding or socket hot melting, if the weld is not completely welded together, plus the foundation settlement, easy to cause pipe burst.

Therefore, we must know that no matter what kind of tire burst cause, PE water supply pipe tire burst is an indisputable fact. The construction unit must respond quickly based on years of experience and the above analysis, find effective solutions, reduce losses, and ensure the project Quality, thereby reducing the adverse effects caused by pipe burst to a smaller extent.

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