What is the application of PE drainage pipe in siphon drainage?



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  PE drain pipeThe weight is relatively light, corrosion resistance is better than steel pipe and cast iron pipe, not easy to breed microorganisms, it has what application in siphon drainage:

1. The PE drainage pipe rainwater is flexibly distributed on the roof, which can better adapt to the artistic modeling of modern buildings and easily meet the rainwater discharge of irregular roofs.

2. The large displacement of a single barrel and the small opening of the roof reduce the probability of roof leakage and roof waterproof pressure.

3. Siphon drainage speeds up the drainage speed, reduces the number and diameter of downpipes, and meets the aesthetic requirements of modern buildings and the rainwater drainage requirements of large landmark buildings, various large-span roofs, and high-rise buildings.

4.PE drainage pipe system has strong protection, and the pipe direction can be set according to the needs. Without affecting the building function and the use of space, it can meet the rainwater drainage requirements of modern large shopping malls, factories, warehouses and various grid structure metal roofs.

5. Under the design flow of PE drainage pipe, the whole pipe flow in the system has no air vortex, high drainage efficiency and low noise, which can better meet the acoustic requirements of modern cinemas, theaters, conferences and libraries.

6. The pipeline design meets the requirements of positive pressure and negative pressure at the same time, which can ensure that the pipelines of high-rise buildings and water-filled high-rise buildings can pass the test and acceptance, avoid the negative pressure out of control, and ensure the normal operation of the system.

7. Due to the small pipe diameter and small total length, the system installation is simple, which reduces the pipeline cost and installation cost, and there is no special requirement for pipeline installation.

PE drainage pipes should be handled carefully and arranged neatly, and do not throw or drag along the ground. Hope the above content is helpful to you.