PE drainage pipe is flattened to do?



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Generally speaking,PE drain pipeThe material is relatively hard and not easy to be squashed, but if the composite pipe is squashed, it will seriously affect the normal use of the pipeline. How to deal with this situation?

Generally speaking, PE drainage pipes are unconventional after production. In many cases, in order to save space, large-diameter pipes will be placed on the bottom layer and then stacked layer by layer. At this time, if the height is less than 2.5m, the pipe will not be damaged or crushed.

However, if a small-diameter pipe is installed inside a large-diameter pipe, the pipe at the bottom will be greatly compressed, causing the pipe to deform and flatten. Of course, this is not a quality problem of the pipe, but an incorrect storage and transportation method. Therefore, the pipe The flattening is mostly in storage and transportation.

Usually after the pipe is flattened, we have to evaluate and test it to see if the deformation is serious and whether it affects the use. If there is no problem with the pipeline, it can be handled with a round utensil, which is convenient and correct.

If there is no corrector, you can only knock the pipeline to restore it to its original state. It should be noted here that this method is not good and can be used in emergency situations.

Therefore, when crushing PE drainage pipes, in addition to these methods, attention must also be paid to the aspects that can be crushed.

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