What is the difference between hdpe water supply pipe and pe drainage pipe?



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PE pipes are commonly used for water supply pipes and drainage pipes, thenhdpe water supply pipeand pe drain pipe what is the difference?

the difference between hdpe water supply pipe and pe drainage pipe

1. Appearance

Hdpe water supply pipe is a pure pe solid wall pipe with smooth inner and outer pipe walls. pe drainage pipe has many appearance shapes, such as solid wall drainage pipe with the same appearance as pe water supply pipe, common pe double wall corrugated pipe, pe steel belt reinforced spiral corrugated pipe, pe plastic steel winding pipe, pe hollow winding pipe, carat pipe, inner rib pipe, etc. The distinction between pe solid wall drainage pipes and pe water supply pipes on the outer wall can be seen with spraying codes, and other types of drainage pipes can be distinguished at a glance from the appearance.

2. Raw materials

The water supply pipe is used to transport tap water to people for drinking, so it has high requirements on sanitary performance and cannot cause secondary pollution to the water source, which is closely related to people's health. therefore, the production of pe water supply pipe must adopt a new high-density polyethylene pressure pipe material. The indicators of raw materials and production technology indicators should meet the standard requirements.

The purpose of hdpe drainage pipe is to drain rainwater and sewage. The requirement is the performance of the pipe. As long as its quality meets the standard, meets the engineering requirements, and its service life is guaranteed, other ingredients can be added to the pe drainage pipe, or a small amount of recycled materials can be added to the pe main material.

3. Pressure

hdpe water supply pipe is used for tap water transportation, and the pipeline system is a long-distance closed pressure pipeline system, which must maintain a certain pressure from the water plant to the end user's home. Therefore, hdpe water supply pipes are required to bear the relevant pressure, which is generally divided into five pressure levels: 0.6Mpa, 0.8Mpa, 1.0Mpa, 1.25Mpa and 1.6Mpa.

PE drainage pipe is used to collect and discharge rainwater and sewage. It is an open pipeline system. Generally, in addition to the pressure generated by water droplets, it does not need to withstand other internal pressures. PE drainage pipe needs to consider the ability to withstand external pressure and ring stiffness. It is generally divided into SN4, SN8, SN10, SN2.5, SN16 five grades.

4. Price

PE water supply pipe is pure PE pipe, and its price is closely related to the quantity and price of PE raw materials. PE drainage pipe will add other materials, so the drainage pipe will be cheaper than the water supply pipe of the same caliber.