Characteristics of pe water supply pipe



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  pe water supply pipeIt is necessary to establish strict evaluation procedures for raw material suppliers, select suitable raw materials, and properly handle them according to the testing of raw materials. The production of high-quality polyethylene pressure pipes is highly dependent on the comprehensive production capacity of the equipment. Pipe production enterprises in the choice of equipment must be fully research and demonstration, choose cost-effective equipment.

PE water supply pipe production enterprises should formulate strict operating procedures and process procedures, strengthen the process and control, in order to control the quality of pipe, reasonable reduce production costs. The process setting of pressure pipes and the solution of quality problems in the production process require a lot of production experience, and manufacturers need to accumulate a large amount of original data, analyze and summarize, and guide production to steadily improve product quality.

The main feature of PE water supply pipe is reliable connection, and the joint strength is higher than the pipe itself. Low temperature impact resistance, low temperature embrittlement is relatively low. In winter, the impact resistance of the material itself is relatively high, so the pipe will not break.

PE water supply pipe is resistant to aging and has a long service life. It can be used in the open air for up to 50 years, and will not cause damage to the pipeline itself due to ultraviolet radiation. PE water supply pipe handling is more convenient, compared with steel pipe, galvanized pipe, cement pipe, installation and handling easier, will not use more manpower and equipment, thereby reducing the installation cost of the project.

Pe water supply pipe has good flexibility and can be laid directly without pipe fittings when encountering obstacles or pipe trench excavation is not straight, while ductile iron pipe is not, and sometimes it is necessary to use elbow or zigzag pipe and other pipe fittings for transitional connection.