Surface treatment and repair of pe water supply pipe



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Inpe water supply pipeDuring the production process, due to the influence of the environment, the surface of the pipe will form certain defects, such as rough surface or gouging.

If the surface of the PE water supply pipe manufacturer's product is rough, it may be because the temperature of the main head is too high or too low, resulting in rough outer surface. Low core temperature and low body temperature can easily lead to rough surface. The cooling water temperature is too high and the surface is rough. Reduce the cooling water temperature, the PP-R cooling water temperature is 20-30 degrees Celsius. In this case, pe water supply pipe manufacturers should check whether the water channel is blocked, whether the water pressure is insufficient, whether the heating ring is damaged, check the performance of raw materials, consult the raw material supplier, and clean the mold core temperature. If it is higher than the mold section temperature, open the mold core temperature adjustment device to check and clean the impurities in the mold.

However, if the pipe is planed, the pe water supply pipe manufacturer shall check and adjust the diameter and pressure balance of the water curtain, adjust the nozzle angle, make the pipe cool evenly, check the casing diameter, cutting machine and other objects for sundries and burrs.

pe water supply pipe maintenance methods:

When the outer wall of pe water supply pipe is damaged or the hole length is less than 0.1m, remove the damaged pipe wall or hole with a scraper, clean the removed part with cyclohexane ketone within 0.05m, and brush plastic glue with good water resistance; Then remove the arc plate with twice the damaged area from the corresponding part of the same pipeline, stick the inner wall to the damaged part, and fix it with lead wire. If there are ribs on the outer wall of the pipe, the ribs within 0.05m around the damaged part shall be removed, and no ribs shall be scratched. The method is the same as above.

When there are local or small cracks or holes within 0.02m of the outer wall of pe water supply pipe, the accumulated water in the pipe can be removed first, and the damaged parts can be cleaned with cotton yarn. Then, after coating the surface of the substrate with cyclic ketone, the plastic glue with good water resistance can be sprayed. Remove the plates of similar shape and size from the corresponding parts of the pipe and fix them with geotextile. After 24 hours of curing, the soil can recover.