Slurry processing method and reaming technology of pe water supply pipe



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  pe water supply pipeIt is a kind of pipe commonly used in daily life, in which the pipe is made of a very corrosive plastic material, so it has good corrosiveness in use. However, many methods are used in its production, such as mud treatment.

In the production of pe water supply pipes, the commonly used processing methods are slurry and gas phase processing. The reactor for the treatment of the slurry is usually a stirred tank or a larger loop reactor, which can be circulated and stirred in the slurry.

Because the use of PE water supply pipe products will be oxidized, antioxidants will be added in the production process, which can prevent the polymer from being degraded during processing, thereby avoiding its oxidation. In short, in the process of producing PE water supply pipes, in order to increase the hardness, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of the pipes, manufacturers usually use the slurry processing method, which is widely used because of its low cost and high production efficiency.

In order to improve the use efficiency of PE water supply pipe, we usually reprocess it, such as the reverse drawing reaming technology in construction. This technology should not only consider the diameter design size of the pipe, but also consider its graded reaming and construction requirements.

According to the diameter and quantity of pe water supply pipe, calculate the smaller hole diameter, not too big or too small. If the aperture is too large, the soil layer around the laid pe water supply pipe will collapse, which will easily cause the road to sink. If the aperture is too small, the pipe pulling resistance will increase, resulting in pipe removal or deformation of pe water supply pipe. According to the designed aperture, the aperture is expanded in stages from small to large until the aperture required by the process is reached. In the process of pipe extraction, the pulling force must overcome the friction between the pe water supply pipe and the hole wall, and the quality of the hole is closely related to the shape of the guide hole curve and the reaming process.