Installation and use of pe water supply pipe



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In order to guaranteepe water supply pipeThe quality of the construction personnel should be familiar with the characteristics of pe water supply pipe, in accordance with the requirements of the relevant technical regulations or technical manuals to regulate the construction. PE water supply pipe belongs to plastic pipe, rigidity and impact resistance is worse than metal pipe. Therefore, in winter storage, transportation, construction and later installation, special attention should be paid to civilized construction, safe production and proper protection of finished products. During the construction process, mechanical damage to the pipeline caused by improper external forces should be avoided, leaving invisible cracks on the pipeline and burying hidden dangers of accidents.

Do not weigh, knock, step on, or hang heavy objects on installed pipes. If necessary, cover parts susceptible to external forces with protectors. PE water supply pipe has certain brittleness at low temperature, and special attention should be paid to winter construction. It is forbidden to use chainsaws, hand saws and fast cutting to avoid impact damage to the pipe ends, causing invisible cracks and potential leakage accidents.

When cutting a tube with scissors, the scissors should be perpendicular to the axis of the tube, and the tube and scissors should rotate each other and press down hard. It is forbidden to cut the pipe with force in one direction, because this will cause the pipe end to be squeezed and deformed, and micro-cracks are easy to form at the deformation, causing hidden dangers. Special attention should be paid to the construction in winter, the pipe end can be cut 4 ~ 125px.

The end face connected to the pipe fitting needs to be clean, dry and oil-free. Use a ruler and a suitable pen to measure and plot the hot melt depth of the pipe ends. The hot melt depth shall meet the requirements. In the hot welding process, the pipe is introduced into the heating sleeve, but not rotated, inserted to the depth of the mark, and pushed onto the heating head, but not rotated, to achieve the specified mark. The heating time should meet the technical requirements of pe hot melt socket welding machine for water supply pipe. If the ambient temperature is low, the heating time can be appropriately extended.

according to the specification requirements, pressure test is required after installation of pe water supply pipe. The pipeline pressure test shall be carried out 24 hours after hot melt socket connection; During the pressure test, a manual pump shall be used to pressurize, the pressure rise time shall not be less than 10min, the pressure accuracy of the measuring instrument shall be 0.01Mpa, the test pressure shall be 1.5 times of the working pressure and not less than 0.6MPa, and the pressure drop shall not exceed 0.02MPa for 1 hour of stabilization.