PE water supply pipe can withstand the ground load



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You all probably knowpe water supply pipeWater pressure test required. In fact, the test of the ground load is also an important factor in the normal use of the pipeline. Only by understanding its load pressure can we better use it and avoid some situations.

Load refers to the external force and other factors that cause the internal force and deformation of the structure or member, or it is customary to refer to the various direct effects imposed on the engineering structure or member. Common are structural dead weight, floor live load, roof live load, building area gray load, vehicle load, crane load, equipment dynamic load and wind, snow, ice, waves and other natural loads.

Because the industry standard does not force the ring stiffness of the PE water supply pipe, the reason is that the PE water supply pipe itself has high pressure requirements and high material requirements. From the theoretical and design experience, the ring stiffness must be greater than the same wall thickness of the sewage pipe. Therefore, pe water supply pipes must be well supported when crossing heavy-duty roads to prevent excessive external forces and will not be blocked when crossing non-heavy-duty roads such as sidewalks.

Therefore, there are corresponding requirements for the ground load pressure of the PE water supply pipe. However, for the normal use of the pipeline, a casing can be added to the outside to increase its force, thereby extending the service life of the pipeline. The ring stiffness mentioned above actually refers to the index of resisting external pressure.

The pressure of the pipeline is subjected to internal pressure and external pressure. Generally, the stress caused by internal pressure is the main factor leading to the damage of the pipeline. The damage is in the form of excessive deformation and cracking caused by tensile stress in the pipe wall. When designing, the design calculation should be carried out according to the internal pressure load, and the material and structure data should be selected. The design shall then be checked taking into account the external pressure loads and the structural data modified as necessary.

In fact, the ring stiffness of the PE water supply pipe is not constant. The larger the pipe diameter, the lower the ring stiffness. On the other hand, changes in temperature also have an impact. When the weather temperature drops, the hardness of the pe water supply pipe also increases, so the natural ring stiffness also increases.