Steaming method of pe water supply pipe



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  pe water supply pipeIt is mainly used underground and needs to be maintained before or after use to extend its service life. But there is no need for a steaming pool for ripening. After the production of pe water supply pipe is completed, put it together with the mold in the open air for natural curing. Generally, it takes a certain amount of time to carry out open-air maintenance after completion, and the mold can be opened the next day. After opening the mold, it takes 4-6 days of natural conservation. A special person should spray water on it three times a day, usually once in the morning and once at noon.

The purpose of spraying water is to maintain the humidity of the PE water supply pipe and make the concrete solidify slowly. The number of water sprays can also be increased or decreased according to weather conditions and humidity. However, natural protection requires more mold.

Steam curing is also a maintenance method of PE water supply pipe. In this way, a steam curing tank is first built. Generally, the steam curing tank needs to be 2.5 meters wide, 4 meters long and 3 meters deep. It can also be sized according to its own production capacity and mold size. It also requires a boiler to deliver steam to the steam curing pool. The steam curing tank has good sealing performance and can be used after completion.

The flexibility of PE water supply pipe is an important performance, which greatly improves the value of this material in pipeline engineering. Good flexibility enables PE water supply pipes to be coiled and supplied in longer lengths, avoiding a large number of joints and fittings. This feature has been recognized by users and has become the product of its water improvement operation.

At the same time, flexibility, light weight and excellent scratch resistance make it possible to adopt a variety of economical installation methods, which can reduce the impact on the environment and social life, such as excavation-free construction technology.