Flexibility and scratch resistance of pe water supply pipe



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Polyethylene has unique flexibility and excellent scratch resistance, sope water supply pipeThe flexibility of the system is of great technical and economic value. The flexibility of polyethylene is an important property that enhances the value of this material in pipe engineering.

The good flexibility enables the pe water supply pipe to be coiled and supplied in a longer length, avoiding a large number of joints and pipe fittings. From the water meter to the end of the user's pipe, there is no pipe joint in the middle, which not only saves costs, but also improves work efficiency. this characteristic of pe water supply pipe has been recognized by the water supply companies in various cities across the country, and has become the main product of its water quality improvement operation.

At the same time, the flexible, lightweight and excellent scratch resistance of PE water supply pipes make it possible to adopt a variety of economical installation methods that can reduce the impact on the environment and social life, such as trenchless construction technology. Trenchless construction technology refers to the construction technology of laying, replacing or repairing various underground pipelines without digging trenches on the surface.

Various trenchless construction techniques are very suitable for pe water supply pipes, such as horizontal directional drilling and pilot drilling for laying new pipes, pipe expansion for in-situ replacement of old pipes, repair of interlayers and renewal of linings of old pipes, and various improved lining methods, such as folding deformation method, hot stretching method and cold rolling method.

The unique flexibility of PE water supply pipe also makes it effective against underground movement and end load. On the surface, the strength and rigidity of plastic buried pipes are not as good as cement pipes and metal pipes. However, from the practical application point of view, when the PE water supply pipe is designed and laid properly, the plastic buried pipe and the surrounding soil share the load. Therefore, the plastic buried pipe does not need to achieve the same strength and stiffness as the "rigid pipe" to meet the requirements for mechanical properties when buried.