PE water supply pipe buried application technology and virtual welding prevention measures



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 pe water supply pipeWhen installed, most of them are buried in the ground. Whether the buried PE water supply pipe can work normally depends on its buried application technology. PE water supply pipe adopts excellent raw materials, adopts spray cooling method, so that the cooling around the pipeline is even, and the wiring method adopts post-wiring skills. The pipe fittings have various specifications, different pressure levels, complete specifications and complete supporting facilities.

PE water supply pipes are used for water supply, drainage, sewage discharge and other transportation pipeline systems to replace metal pipes with poor corrosion resistance. The service life is more than 50 years within the temperature limit of -60 ℃ ~ 40 ℃. In the construction process, welding is an important link, welding quality affects the overall progress of the project.

Virtual welding is mainly caused by insufficient depth of butt welding fixture and too fast crimping speed of pe water supply pipe. When the pe water supply pipe is docked, the clamping speed is too fast. If the clamping speed is too fast during the pressing process, even the pe water supply pipe connected to the heating plate will collide. In this process, most of the fusion joints of the two PE water supply pipes are squeezed to both sides of the inner and outer walls, resulting in insufficient melting and virtual welding.

The prevention method of virtual welding is that the construction personnel control the extrusion tool of the hot melt machine at a constant speed, so that the hot melt mouth of pe water supply pipe is fully hot melted and connected together. And after installation in the fixture, pay attention to a certain pipe margin, the margin cannot be less than 20mm.

In the welding process, if you do not pay attention to this situation, when the pipe margin is insufficient during the fixture stroke, the surface of the welding interface looks good, but in fact the welding points of the two pe water supply pipes are not thorough enough, resulting in virtual welding, which is difficult to be observed by the naked eye. Only after pressure test or normal use, the pressure suddenly becomes too high, which is easy to cause PE water supply pipe burst.