Judgment basis and loss requirements for the use of recycled materials for pe water supply pipes



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  pe water supply pipeIs a kind of pipe. Therefore, based on these points, it is necessary to get familiar with and understand them so that they can have an understanding. So the following will continue to explain the PE water supply pipe related knowledge.

1.pe water supply pipe have any specific requirements?

Grade 100 PE water supply pipe, specifically, the pipe is made of PE100 raw materials, and there are some specific requirements and reference standards for use. For example, when the pipe is at 20 ℃, the use strength is 8-9.99 MPa.

2. How to judge whether the PE water supply pipe uses recycled materials?

The material of the pe water supply pipeline, if you want to judge whether to use recycled materials, it depends on the surface finish of the pipeline, because if it is recycled materials, there will be dust or impurities, and the surface will be granular. In addition, you can cut the end face with a knife to check how it feels.

3.pe water supply pipe installation loss and loss coefficient?

Pe water supply pipe has installation loss, so there is also a loss coefficient. Therefore, the answer to this question is yes. And what we need to know is that the loss of PE water supply pipe should be controlled within 10%, so as to achieve the installation effect of the product. It would be better if it could be controlled within 5%.

For PE water supply pipes, it can be said that the above problems are very important and basic. Therefore, we are required to study and master carefully and know how to answer correctly, so as to solve the problem in time in practical work, rather than being at a loss as to what to do. And this is also one of the effective ways for us to deeply understand the products, so we can't relax.