Can pe water supply pipe use recycled materials and pipe explosion reasons



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Forpe water supply pipeThe level of familiarity with it should be at least comprehensive and specific. Therefore, based on this, the following will continue their study work to speed up the pace of learning, so that everyone can achieve the expected goals and requirements as soon as possible, and at the same time continue to gain and make progress in learning. Can pe water supply pipes use recycled materials and the reasons for pipe explosion

1.PE water supply pipe service life is not a lot of related factors. In addition, what is the upper limit of its service life?

There are many factors that affect the service life of PE water supply pipe, such as the material used for the pipe, the production process and the use method, the use environment, etc. On the second question, the answer is 50 years, and very likely.

2. Can the material of pe water supply pipe be recycled?

PE water supply pipe in terms of materials, can use recycled materials. However, this depends on the quality of the material. If the quality is not up to standard, it cannot be used because it will affect the quality of the pipe. If it is a water supply pipe, use blue masterbatch; if it is a natural gas pipeline, use yellow masterbatch.

3. why can't the pe water supply pipe be pressurized with gas? in addition, the pe water supply pipe burst during the pressure test. What is the reason?

The reason why PE water supply pipes cannot use air pressure is that due to pressure considerations, when water pressure is used, the pressure is low and it is not easy to cause problems. Therefore, in general, water pressure is the main, supplemented by air pressure.

The specific reason for the burst of the pe water supply pipeline during the pressure test is improper or weak pipeline connection or unqualified pipeline quality. In addition, overpressure may be suppressed, so it is necessary to check one by one to determine the cause, so as to take effective measures to solve the problem and avoid the recurrence of the problem.