Whether there are important parameters and roughness description for hot melt welding of pe water supply pipe



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Forpe water supply pipeBelow we will continue to study, because this is what everyone hopes, let us continue to improve and develop on the road of learning this product. As for the learning form, it is a question-and-answer form, not a demonstration, which can enrich everyone's learning style and achieve the same effect.

1. If hot melt welding technology is used in the pe water supply pipe. Are there any important process parameters for pe water supply pipe?

If the PE water supply pipe adopts hot melt welding technology, there are some important process parameters, so the answer to this question is yes, yes. As for the important process parameters, they will be described in detail later. I will not explain them here.

2.pe water supply pipe hot melt butt joint. pe water supply pipe electric fusion welding voltage and current is how much?

PE pipe hot melt butt joint requires four points: welding temperature, welding time, welding pressure, and cleanliness of the welding surface. These four points are very important and cannot be sloppy. The welding temperature is mainly determined according to the grade of the raw material. However, the voltage of electric fusion welding of pe water supply pipe is 39.5V, the deviation should be within 5V, and the upper limit of welding current should not exceed 100A.

3. Can the pe water supply pipe be used to discharge sewage? What is the roughness of the pe water supply pipe? In addition, what is the cost of the production line?

PE pipe for water supply can be used to discharge sewage, no problem. As for the roughness of PE pipe, it is generally 0.01. Generally speaking, the cost of PE pipe production line is between tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands. It depends on the production requirements of this pipe and its specifications, which are determined by them.