What should be considered in summer welding of PE water supply pipe and electric fusion welding parameters



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  pe water supply pipeIf welding in summer, should we consider some aspects? What are the advantages of pe water supply pipe in this kind of pipeline? What is its sanitary standard? In addition, what are the problems about pe water supply pipe? The main purpose of putting forward these problems is to solve them, so as to learn lessons from them and have a thorough understanding and comprehensive understanding.

1. What should be considered when welding

Pe water supply pipe is a kind of pipe. If it is in the summer welding, then it is necessary to consider some specific aspects, the main is the change of ambient temperature. In addition, the following factors should be considered:

(1) Before welding, necessary inspections should be carried out to check whether the welding can be used normally. In addition, the pipeline should also be checked to avoid pipeline quality problems during welding.

(2) After the welding of the pe water supply pipe is completed, it needs to be cooled. However, in the cooling method, natural cooling should be used instead of water cooling or air cooling, because if water cooling or air cooling is used, it is easy to cause the problem of virtual welding at the welding place.

2. What are the advantages of PE water supply pipe and what is its sanitary standard?

The advantages of PE water supply pipes are, specifically, long service life, good sanitary performance, and no pollution of water quality. Generally speaking, if used correctly, its service life can reach more than 50 years. As for the health standard of this PE pipe is GB/T17219.

3.pe water supply pipe adopts electrofusion welding, what are the specific parameters such as voltage and current?

On PE pipes, if the welding method is electric fusion welding, the welding voltage is 39.5V V. If there is any deviation, it should not exceed 0.5V V, and the welding current should not exceed 100 amperes. In addition, the cooling time of the pipe depends on its size and is usually indicated on the label of the fitting.