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Application of electronic valve in air separation field in PP pipe plant

Application of electronic valve in air separation field Solenoid valves are widely used in our production. In the maintenance of production, we must have met many problems related to solenoid valves and dealt with many faults. We must have accumulated a lot of experience in dealing with the faults of solenoid valves. Compared with other instrument and control faults, we deal with the faults of solenoid valves in maintenance. Now let's discuss this problem together, I hope we can learn more from you and improve together.    First, we have a preliminary understanding of solenoid valve. Solenoid valve is composed of solenoid coil and magnetic core. It is a valve body with one or more holes. When the coil is energized or de energized, the operation of the magnetic core will cause the fluid to pass through the valve body or be cut off, so as to change the direction of the fluid. The electromagnetic component is composed of a fixed iron core, a moving iron core and a coil; The valve body is composed of slide valve core, slide valve sleeve and spring base. The electromagnetic coil is directly installed on the valve body, and the valve body is sealed in the sealing pipe, forming a simple and compact combination. Our commonly used solenoid valves in production are two position three-way, two position four-way, two position five way, etc. The above is the description of the application of electronic valve in the field of air separation by Jiangsu Xinhai pipe valve manufacturing Co., Ltd., a PP pipe manufacturer.

Jiangsu Xinhai, a manufacturer of HDPE pipe, discusses the performance problems in valve application

Manufacturer Jiangsu Xinhai pipe valve manufacturing Co., Ltd Opening and closing force and moment Opening and closing force and opening and closing moment refer to the force or moment that must be applied to open or close the valve. When closing the valve, it is necessary to form a certain sealing specific pressure between the two sealing surfaces of the headstock and the hair seat. At the same time, it is also necessary to overcome the friction between the stem and the packing, between the threads of the stem and the nut, at the end support of the stem and other friction parts. Therefore, a certain closing force and torque must be applied, The required opening and closing force and moment are variable, and the maximum value is at the final instant of closing or the initial instant of opening. When designing and manufacturing valves, the closing force and torque should be reduced.    Opening and closing speed The opening and closing speed is expressed by the time required for the valve to complete an opening or closing action. Generally, there is no strict requirement for the opening and closing speed of the valve, but there are special requirements for the opening and closing speed of the rotor pump in some working conditions, such as some requirements for rapid opening or closing to prevent accidents, some need to close slowly to prevent water hammer, which should be considered when selecting the type of valve.

What are the methods to connect PPR pipes

What are the connection methods between PPR pipes? I will introduce them to you right away. Please have a look. PPR pipes are mainly connected by hot melting. If the operation of hot-melt connection is improper, even if better pipes are used, the installation quality of pipes may not reach the standard. In order to ensure the quality of the connection, first of all, the manufacturer must be equipped with hot-melt tools, and the heating temperature and time of the hot welding machine must be in accordance with the regulations. PPR pipes are connected by hot melting, so the pipes and fittings can be connected at one time. Therefore, when the concealed water supply branch pipe is installed inside the wall, the blanking should be accurate according to the design requirements and the actual situation of the construction site. If the pipeline is buried in the ground, there can not be too many interfaces buried below. Before welding the pipe, clean the surface of the pipe and joint, remove the oil, other substances and some burrs. In addition, the pipe should not be inserted too long into the pipe fittings, and the flange should be uniform where it is connected. If it does not meet the requirements, and there are gaps, it must be that the welding is not up to the standard. In the future, there may be water leakage, so it is necessary to re connect at this time.
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