What are the advantages of hdpe drainage pipe?



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 hdpe drain pipeOf course, we are very common in life. Because its advantages are more prominent, there are more people who choose to use it. Today also use this opportunity for everyone to introduce about the advantages of hdpe drainage pipe?? If you want to know, please come and have a look.

We need to know more basic information before using hdpe drainage pipe, after all, there are many knowledge points involved. For example, hdpe drainage pipe is widely used. In fact, it is easy to form a closed impermeable system by butt welding and electric fusion welding. When laying along the trench, the amount of earth excavated in the trench and the number of accessories can be reduced. Light weight, easy to install and operate; especially its strong wear resistance and excellent hydraulic performance, the smart parking lot does not require external protection in the buried pipeline. It is suitable for earthquake and soil settlement area in mining area, and can also be laid on the river bottom by sinking method. Therefore, the hdpe drain pipe of this cross product we are discussing today has the ability to resist chemical corrosion, internal, external and microbial corrosion, and has strong corrosion resistance and health. It is suitable for transporting acid and alkali substances, sewage, natural gas, natural gas and other substances; of course, in addition, hdpe drainage pipes also have good environmental adaptability and frost resistance. Can be used for indoor and outdoor drainage pipes. The service life is more than 50 years; easy to recycle. In fact, it also has excellent chemical stability, aging resistance and environmental stress cracking resistance. Applicable temperature range:-40 ℃-40 ℃, strong bearing capacity, good comprehensive mechanical properties.

hdpe drainage pipe has no polarity, good chemical stability, no algae and bacteria, no scaling, and is an environmentally friendly product. Using socket electric fusion or butt fusion, less joints, no leakage. This product HDPE pipe surface is smooth, the friction coefficient is small, the flow is large. In addition, its embrittlement temperature is (-40 ℃), and no special protective measures are required during construction under normal low temperature conditions (0 ℃). Mainly compared with the wear resistance of steel pipes. Tests show that the wear resistance of HDPE drainage pipe is 4 times that of steel pipe. It has good impact resistance, even if there is a water hammer with 2.5 times the nominal pressure, it will not cause any damage to the pipeline. hdpe drainage pipe has good environmental adaptability and frost resistance. Can be used for indoor and outdoor water supply pipes. In addition, butt welding and electric fusion welding tend to form a closed impermeable system. When HDPE water supply pipe is laid along the trench, the amount of earthwork excavated in the trench can be reduced and the number of accessories can be reduced. It can also be stored or used outdoors for 50 years without being damaged by ultraviolet radiation.

The content of the above article is a small series for everyone to introduce some relevant information about the advantages of hdpe drainage pipe. If you didn't know before, you can come and have a look now.

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