Municipal pipeline manufacturers talk about the connection mode and dredging method of municipal pipeline



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  Municipal pipeline manufacturersSaid that the connection purpose of municipal pipes is usually different when using municipal pipes. People who often use municipal pipelines know that there are many different connections for municipal pipelines, such as hot melt connections and electrofusion connections. However, these two connection methods are divided into many different methods, but the commonly used method is hot melt butt connection. In order to better complete the connection operation, let's look at the specific connection method.

1. Material preparation: Place municipal pipes or pipe fittings flat on the docking machine, leaving enough cutting allowance of 10-20mm.

2. Clamping: According to the welded pipe and pipe fittings, select the appropriate slip clamp, clamp the pipe, and prepare for cutting.

3. Cutting: cutting the impurities and oxide layer on the end face of the welded pipe section and the pipe fitting to ensure that the two butt end faces are flat, smooth and free of impurities.

4. Municipal pipeline alignment: the end faces of the two welded pipe sections should be completely aligned. The smaller the amount of misalignment, the better. The amount of misalignment should not exceed 10% of the wall thickness. Otherwise, it will affect the docking quality.

5. Heating: The docking temperature is generally between 210-230. The heating time of the heating plate in winter and summer is different, and the melting length of both ends is 1-2mm.

6. Switching: Remove the heating plate and quickly make the two hot-melt end faces fit and pressurized. In order to ensure the quality of fusion docking, the shorter the switching period, the better.

7. Melt butt: This is the key to welding. The docking process should always be carried out under melting pressure, and the width of both sides of the coil should be 2-4mm.

8. Cooling: keep the docking pressure unchanged and let the PE water supply pipe interface cool slowly. The cooling time is subject to the fact that the curling is relatively stiff and the heat is not felt.

9. The docking of municipal pipelines is completed: after cooling, loosen the slips, remove the docking machine, and prepare for the next interface connection again.

Note: Because the municipal pipeline itself has good flexibility and scalability, not all pipeline installations are considered to install expansion joints.

Municipal pipeline manufacturers summarize the following municipal pipeline dredging methods:

1. For pipelines with problems such as ponding and a small amount of siltation, sludge treatment is not carried out in the early stage. After the construction work is completed, the sewage in the pipeline can be washed away.

2. Serious blockage of accumulated water. If there are no areas to repair, just remove the silt and silt.

3. Where the pipeline is damaged, cracked, changed in position, leaked or slightly damaged in a small area, the pipeline can be partially repaired. There are more than three places to be repaired, and the entire pipeline needs to be repaired by ultraviolet curing.

4. In case of pipeline structure problems, the whole line can be repaired without excavation.

5. Do not excavate the pipeline that can be repaired.

Municipal pipeline manufacturers remind everyone that the trenchless repair of municipal pipelines must first pass the preliminary pipeline inspection and related reports. According to the construction site environment and other conditions, the repair work should adopt the technical methods summarized above.