HDPE double wall corrugated pipe is durable and transportation matters



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  HDPE double-wall corrugated pipeRuggedness and transport matters

Liquid and vapor transportation engineering projects need to pay attention to the selection of suitable pipe fittings. In a wide variety of pipe fittings market, HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe is also a good choice from beginning to end. It is strong and durable and has been welcomed by many customers.

Double-wall corrugated pipe is mainly made of polyethylene plastic as the main raw material. These materials ensure that it has a very long service life and excellent aging resistance. Even if it is exposed to the sun for a long time or used in outdoor environment, there is no need to worry about HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe being affected by external ultra-low temperature or continuous high temperature, which seldom causes many problems such as aging and cracking, and also saves a lot of maintenance time and cost and engineering cost.

The surface of HDPE metal corrugated pipe is annular texture, the inner cavity is smooth, the pipe diameter is large, the liquid and air flow is rapid and large, which effectively improves the logistics efficiency and prevents the liquid flow containing residue from depositing in the internal structure of HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe. It has a strong bearing capacity. Even if it is buried underground, there is no need to worry about the pipe fittings under working pressure. It is durable and worth buying!

PE water supply pipe manufacturer of double wall corrugated pipe characteristics:

1. Good toughness: The product shape design is unique in the shape of spiral teeth, which can bend calmly to bypass obstacles and facilitate engineering construction.

2, single length long: single length by the customer casually approved, in order to reduce the connector, can make the project construction convenient, convenient maintenance.

3. Lightweight: Lightweight compared with concrete pipe hoops, fixed-length cast iron drainage pipes, seamless steel pipes and fixed-length pvc pipes, which is conducive to moving.

4. High strength: PE water supply pipe manufacturers have special spiral tooth-shaped physical modeling design to make it have high tensile strength and the underground will not deform due to pressure.

5, corrosion resistance: commodity acid, salt, alkali effect is better, the use period can reach 50 years and above.

6. Safety and security: commodities have strong impact resistance] can be wound and high toughness, even if the earthquake disaster or ground collapse and other variations are quite safe and secure.

7. Convenient assembly line: the surface layer in the commodity table is moistened, the friction resistance is small, and the pipe is equipped with stainless steel wire, which is very convenient for assembly line.

8, the construction cost is cheap: the advantages of comprehensive, its construction fast, short duration, less socket, with high economic benefits.

HDPE double wall corrugated pipe how to transport and construction?

Storage and transportation:

Fittings shall not be exposed to sun, dirt, pressure and influence during transportation. The pipe fittings shall be effectively deposited, avoiding pyrogens, and the flared type shall be overlapped to prevent kneading and deformation. The relative height of the deposit for the fixed pipe fittings of the board is 2 meters. When stored outdoors, it must be covered to prevent exposure to the sun.

Advantages in engineering construction and transportation:

It has high toughness, high patience and high tear resistance and PVC-M to improve the selection of rubber ring connection and organic solvent bonding for double-wall corrugated pipes. The installation process is consistent with that of general PVC-U pipelines. Compared with PE pipeline, the construction speed is faster and the construction conditions are relatively low, especially in the rainy area in the south, which has the advantages of engineering construction.