Matters needing attention when repairing HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe



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  HDPE double-wall corrugated pipeMatters needing attention when repairing

HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe will be damaged after being used for a period of time. For the repair of HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe, HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe manufacturers have summarized the following key points for the repair of pipelines:

1. Before repair, the water in HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe shall be removed, some damaged wall thickness shall be leveled with a shovel blade, and tap water shall be cleaned. For special-shaped wall tubes, it is necessary to remove ribs within the scope of subsidy, and then change to sand paper or bruise knife.

2. When the hole diameter or circumference of a damaged part of the wall thickness of HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe shall not exceed 20mm, polyvinyl chloride plastic can be used to bond organic solvent to an annular plate with a hole diameter of not less than 100mm and the same raw material as pipe fittings.

3. Before bonding, the reference surface of the bonding position shall be brushed with cyclohexanone. When it is dry, brush the bonding organic solvent to carry out bonding. The plate for external application should be selected, and the circular arc plate cut from the corresponding position of the same pipe through the pipe fitting should be selected. It is also essential that the inside of the outer layer of wood should be cleaned first, and the reference surface should be brushed with cyclohexanone before the adhesive organic solvent is brushed.

4. After the double-wall corrugated pipe is laid, the wall thickness is damaged due to unexpected elements. When the total area or gap size and total width of the damaged position do not exceed the specified time, the repair method can be applied.

5. To repair the damaged pipeline, the construction enterprise shall obtain the approval of the application handling unit and the on-site supervision personnel in advance. For the destruction at the bottom of the pipe, it should also be approved by the overall planning department before it can be implemented.

6, such as the use of welding wire repair welding or organic chemical waterproofing agent and other repair methods, must be approved by the application for enterprise can be implemented.

7. When the size of the damaged position of the pipeline exceeds the regulations of the above clauses, the damaged pipeline should be replaced first. When there is no special butt joint between the replaced PE double-wall corrugated pipe and the paved pipeline, the wall sewage inspection well or butt joint can be connected.

8. After the pipeline repair is completed, it is necessary to backfill the soil compactness with coarse sand at the hollowing position of the pipe bottom according to the requirements of the supporting angle.

HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe highlights a lot of economic benefits

1. The share of HDPE pipe is far lower than that of concrete pipe fittings, less than 2%. It is not easy to produce secondary pollution to surface water

2, HDPE pipe long service life, 50 years and above

3. The surface of HDPE pipe is moistened, there is no positive and negative electric core, and there is no scale accumulation. However, concrete pipe fittings are easy to scale. After scale accumulation, the pipe diameter becomes smaller, endangering the total flow.

4, HDPE light quality, is conducive to transportation and equipment, no loss, and concrete pipe quality is heavy, is not conducive to transportation and equipment, and in transportation and equipment easy to wear.

5, greatly shorten the construction period and reduce the construction difficulty coefficient.

6. HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe has no requirement for drainage ditch.

7, HDPE pipe to the ground collapse or the earth's internal transformation is not broken, its tensile strength is very high, the ability to broaden is very strong.