Tell me about how to avoid the blockage of double-wall corrugated hdpe water supply pipe.



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Tell me about how to avoid the blockage of double-wall corrugated hdpe water supply pipe.

In order to prevent many problems such as blockage caused by double-wall corrugated hdpe water supply pipe, the construction team should take some preventive measures. If the filter screen can be assembled to filter out large particles of residue and other deposits, it can not only accumulate chemicals but also not block the double-wall corrugated pipe. At the same time, it can also ensure the long life of HDPE metal corrugated pipe.

matters needing attention in selecting hdpe water supply pipe

Because hdpe water supply pipe wear resistance, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, high pressure resistance and other advantages, characteristics, slowly replace the traditional pipe fittings such as seamless steel pipe, cement drainage pipe in the market influence, especially because of this kind of pipe fittings light weight, easy to install and move. When selecting hdpe water supply pipes, customers should also pay attention to the following points:

1, need to pay attention to the selection of hdpe water supply pipe raw materials. There are thousands of grades of polyethylene raw materials, and the raw materials on the market are less than thousands of pieces per ton. This kind of raw material processing products can not be engineering construction, otherwise it will lead to very large repair damage.

2. The selection of pipeline manufacturers should be based on reliable and more professional manufacturers.

3. when choosing and purchasing hdpe water supply pipes, visit and inspect the manufacturers to see if you have any production capacity.

Its inner surface is smooth, the friction resistance is small, and the flow rate is large, which ensures that the water supply pipeline has a higher transportation level than the ordinary pipeline, and at the same time reduces the flow resistance and energy consumption of the pipeline. That is to say, under the same requirements, can choose the smaller diameter hdpe water supply pipe.

Its ability to coordinate makes it easy to bend, and will not be affected by some pavement foundation settlement. In the project, obstacles can be bypassed by changing the orientation of the pipeline, which should be immediately laid in a slightly straight concave groove without pipe.

Good ultra-low temperature resistance to positive charge brittleness temperature is -70. General low temperature environment 0 ℃. The construction of the project does not need to adopt different safeguard measures, and the construction in winter is simple.

hdpe water supply pipe and seamless steel pipe wear resistance comparison test shows that its wear resistance is 4 times of seamless steel pipe. Compared with seamless steel pipe, E water supply pipe has better wear resistance in the mortar transportation boundary, which represents a longer service life and better rationality.

What are the characteristics of double wall corrugated hdpe water supply pipe?

Strong compression resistance

The surface is a circular wavy structure, which greatly improves the ring stiffness of the pipe fittings, and then improves the resistance of the pipeline to soil environmental load. At such a characteristic level, the double-wall corrugated hdpe water supply pipe has certain advantages compared with other pipe fittings.

Low project budget

Under equal load conditions, the double-wall corrugated hdpe water supply pipe only needs a relatively thin wall thickness to meet the requirements. Therefore, compared with the solid wall pipe of the same material type, it can save about half of the raw materials, so the cost of the double-wall corrugated hdpe water supply pipe project is also relatively low. This is also a major feature of the pipe.

Convenient construction

Because the weight of the double-wall corrugated hdpe water supply pipe is lighter, the transportation and connection are also very convenient, so the engineering construction is convenient and the daily maintenance work is simple. Its advantages are more obvious when the construction period is rushed and the construction environment is poor.