Advantages of steel belt reinforced spiral corrugated pipe



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The transformation of urban sewage pipe networks will be carried out nationwide. Cement pipe is gradually replaced by steel reinforced spiral corrugated pipe. Other pipes are higher than 40%. The steel belt reinforced spiral corrugated pipe is corrosion resistant and has a long service life. Preservative treatment is not required and does not promote the growth of algae and bacteria. The service life is up to 50 years and can be recycled. The steel belt reinforced spiral corrugated pipe is not easy to leak and avoid environmental pollution. The water tightness of the pipeline is very good, because the capacitor connection belt is used to connect the pipeline, the integrity of the pipeline is very good, it is not easy to leak, and avoid sewage pollution. Then, let's understand the advantages of the lower steel belt to enhance the spiral corrugated pipe!

Steel belt reinforced spiral corrugated pipe appearance

The cut of the steel strip at both ends of the pipe shall be on the same longitudinal line of the pipe.

The inner surface of the pipe shall be smooth and the outer waves shall be neat; the inner and outer walls of the pipe shall be free of bubbles and visible impurities, and the molten joint shall not be disconnected.

The section of the steel strip reinforced spiral corrugated pipe after laser cutting shall be trimmed without burrs.

Common problems in the assembly of steel belt reinforced spiral corrugated pipe:

Many construction companies in the general process of laying pipes, are directly after laying pipes with excavators will be mixed with construction waste soil directly buried in the pit. This is wrong and will cause a lot of damage to the pipeline. Please the general public in accordance with the following construction methods to operate.

The raw material of double-wall corrugated pipe is lighter, and the pipeline should not float during construction. Secondly, the compactness of the steel belt reinforced spiral corrugated pipe base and backfill soil determines the bearing capacity of the "pipe-soil" system and the radial deformation of the pipeline. It is necessary to ensure the "pipe-soil interaction effect" to achieve actual results. The compactness of the bottom cushion layer and backfill soil takes into account the design requirements. In order to ensure the above two points, during backfilling, it is necessary to ensure that there is no accumulated water in the trench, no water backfilling, no backfilling of sludge, organic matter, no backfilling of hard objects such as stones and bricks; for areas with high groundwater level, the water level should be reduced to the lower value of the tank bottom. When the project is no longer disturbed by water or the basic strength is reached, the water reduction must be stopped. The floating resistance of the pipe is considered.

The advantages of steel reinforced spiral corrugated pipe:

1. Unique structure, external pressure resistance, impact resistance, good ring elasticity, smooth inner cavity, low friction, large flow through pipes with the same inner diameter; socket interface, flexible connection, convenient connection, high reliability, and not easy to leak.

2, light weight, convenient construction, reduce costs.

3, buried service life of more than 50 years.

4. Polyethylene is a hydrocarbon polymer with non-polar molecules and corrosion resistance.

5, raw materials for low carbon environmental protection raw materials, no corrosion, no scaling, recyclable.

6, the use of a wide range of temperature, the pipeline will not break in the environment of -60, the higher temperature of the conveying material is 60.

7, the comprehensive project budget and concrete are basically the same, low operating costs.

8, soil quality is good or not.

The above is the advantages of steel reinforced spiral corrugated pipe, if you need to know more knowledge, please feel free to contact us!